(TRS) Travel Rebate Scheme Brochure

(TRS) Travel Rebate Scheme Brochure

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(TRS) Travel Rebate Scheme Brochure

How to get 10% instantly back on items over $300 incl. GST when you fly out of Australia. How the tourist refund works to save you money.

The Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) is part of the Australian Government's tax system and is supplied in DL size 210mm X 99mm.

Whether you are a temporary tourist or permanent Australian resident, here is how to get a refund.

The ‘Tourist Refund Scheme’ allows you to receive a refund of the GST component of a purchase over $300 when leaving Australia. This refund is open to tourists visiting Australia along with residents of Australia about to travel.

It is vital you understand how this refund works in order to maximise your returns and avoid complications with customs. GST is a 10% tax on the sale of goods and services – although a refund of 10% to some doesn’t sound like an awful lot, it can quickly add up when purchasing big ticket items such as engagement rings or multiple items from the same store.

When making a claim you need to take your goods, original tax invoice(s), passport and boarding pass to the TRS facility. Different conditions apply for claiming a tax refund on liquids, aerosols, gels (LAGs) and oversized items. Oversized or LAGs goods must be verified at the Australian Border Force (ABF) client service office and then checked in with your baggage before you present the notated invoices to the TRS facility.

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