About us

A very warm welcome to you from the team behind Print Concepts.


Print Concepts is a sister company to F H Booth and Sons (Booth Printing) whom has had a long and rich history in the printing industry and is one of the oldest printing companies in Australia.

We have been consecutively supplying our print services since 1888 - thats over 128 years.

With our history we have had the opportunity to work closely with icon's in the travel industry dating back as far as 1928.
We have on record supplying printing to Qantas back when it was originally known as Qantas Empire Airways.
Since then we have been mindful of our travel agent customer base and supported them through the many changes the industry and store owners have had to adapt to.

What we have done for the industry

As most know the travel industry is very fluid and has incurred many changes of which Print Concepts has successful found solutions for.

We had worked hard at being a preferred supplier to the Travelscene network of members supplying them quality products and services with a members pricing matrix for over 4 years.

Understanding the needs of the vast travel agent network we where able to service their print and promotional requirements cost effectively and provided products specific to their needs.

An example was when the the new security mandate was introduced at all airports that all Liquid Aerosols and Gels where required to be declared with all on board luggage so, we created and named our LAG bag range of products. 
This product line allowed travel agents to offer this security feature to their customers prior to their arrival at the airport - enabling them to have one less process to deal with through their check in procedure.

We understand that

Most travel agent businesses are one person operators juggling many responsibilities in keeping their doors open for business.

Space is always an issue for travel agents and so we offer a pick and pack service for larger operators who want to focus on their core services.

We have expanded our range of products to now include a vast range of both print and promotional services.

Our quality of high workmanship has not diminished and we still offer top quality print and finishing services that most printers do not or can’t viably offer.

This would include - voucher covers, document wallets, itinerary covers all finished with with machine creasing and folding are just a few of the out of the box products we manufacture.
If there are any products that are not listed on our site please let us know so that we may look into making these economically available for you.

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Terry Magafas, Sales Executive
23 – 27 Smith Street Marrickville NSW 2204

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